All about Boutique/ Outlet/ Factory Outlet.

All about Boutique/ Outlet/ Factory Outlet.

Many luxury fashion brand that offers a wide range of high-quality products, including handbags, wallets, shoes, accessories, and clothing. There has three main types of retail stores: Boutiques, Outlet stores, and Factory Outlet stores.


Boutiques are full-price stores that sell the latest collections of products. These stores are typically located in high-end shopping areas and offer a luxurious shopping experience. Which is 【DIRECT BOUTIQUE】sign mentioned in our website all are shipped from boutique or US official website boutique.

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Outlet stores sell a mix of past season and discounted merchandise. These stores offer customers the opportunity to purchase luxury products at a lower price point than what is typically available in boutiques. While the products sold in Outlet stores may be from previous collections, they are still high-quality and made with the same attention to detail as products sold in boutiques. Which is with【DIRECT OUTLET】words sign that mentioned in our website all are shipped from USA outlet or USA official website outlet.

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Factory Outlet products typically exhibit a slightly lower condition compared to those available in boutiques or other outlet stores.

Factory Outlet items may include customer returns, defective items, older designs, or discontinued styles and it's does not include any free service in local store as it sold with clearance/ nett price. Despite not meeting the exacting standards for full-price retail, they maintain the brand's high quality and are offered at a lower price point. Please note that no any word sign mentioned on the bag listings on our website means it is FO item.

To offer affordable options, we sell Factory Outlet (FO) items at a lower price than Direct Outlet or Direct Boutique items. For those seeking perfect condition, please choose listings marked with [Direct Boutique] or [Direct Outlet] on our website. Your understanding is appreciated. 🥰

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