All About 【Direct Boutique】in our website

All About 【Direct Boutique】in our website


The [Direct Boutique] sign featured on our website represents a convenient and straightforward option for customers to make purchases directly from the Coach US official website.

In addition to the convenience of direct ordering, the [Direct Boutique] service also provides customers with an electronic receipt. This digital receipt serves as proof of purchase and offers a convenient way for customers to keep track of their transactions. The benefits of e-receipt also includes lifetime free cleaning service in local boutique.

Once an order is placed using the [Direct Boutique] option, customers can expect their items to reach Vinee warehouse within an estimated timeframe of 14 to 21 working days. This estimated time of arrival provides customers with a clear understanding of when they can expect their order to be processed, shipped, and ultimately reach the warehouse.

Overall, the [Direct Boutique] sign on our website signifies a direct purchasing option, offering convenience, transparency, and reliable service to customers who choose to shop with us.

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