Shipping Process for Ready Stock in Malaysia

Shipping Process for Ready Stock in Malaysia

1. Order Confirmation

- Order placed by the customer.

2. Stock Checking:

- Merchant verifies stock availability to prevent delays.

- Quality inspection ensures the product's condition.

3. Preparing and Packing the Parcel:

- Skilled staff picks the item from stock.

- Careful packing to prevent damage during transit.

4. Collaboration with Shipping Partners like EasyParcel:

- Merchant teams up with reliable shipping partners like EasyParcel.

- Shipping details shared: address, dimensions, weight.

5. Package Pickup by EasyParcel:

- EasyParcel arranges direct pickup from the merchant.

- Convenience for both merchants and customers.

6. Customer Notification: Tracking Number:

- Merchant provides a unique tracking number.

- Tracking number enables real-time updates on package location.

7. Communication through Email or Live Chat:

- Regular email updates on package status.

- Live chat support for immediate inquiries.

8. Parcel Delivered: The Joyful Moment:

- Package completes its journey to the customer's doorstep.

- Anticipation meets satisfaction as the package is unboxed.